We help you increase your competitiveness through smart, green logistics services and solutions. By moving more goods from road to sea and rail, we facilitate more environmentally friendly transport alternatives. Outstanding logistics expertise, green focus and dedicated people are our strengths. We also provide you with the best customer service in the market.

We are flexible

Flexibility is the key to agile operations. Since no two customers are the same, we do not want to offer standardized solutions that will suit everyone. It does not work for everyone. We adapt to the customer's needs and do not expect you to adapt to us.

We are a challenger

As a challenger, we have to be on our toes, and our goal is always to help our customers to improve. We can help you set up a complete logistics solution, or streamline and optimise your existing one to your advantage.

Personal contact

With us, you get a contact person who guides you personally throughout your customer relationship. When we advise and guide our customers, we always base our recommendations on knowledge, statistics, market trends and changes.

Exeptional customer service

When you call us, you will always get to talk to someone. You will not encounter a jungle of keystrokes and machine-read messages. We are proud of this. We want to speak to you personally to assist you in the best possible way. Our goal is to deliver a very short response time whenever you contact us.

Changes in the transport industry

The world is constantly evolving meaning the best solution today may not be the best tomorrow. Change brings new challenges, but also opportunities. A well-known challenge is queues and heavy traffic, and we offer you green choices such as choosing our environmentally friendly vehicles or shipping via our rail services in Europe. 

We can offer you these benefits

  • you will spend less time on your logistic planning, leaving more time for your core business
  • you get access to the "eCare" portal with tracking functions and reporting
  • you get access to automated warehouse operations that are flexible and efficient
  • you get access to specialist knowledge in all parts of the logistics chain
  • you get a flexible logistics solution adapted to your needs
  • access to emission calculations so you can choose more environmentally friendly solutions

Our vision

Our vision is to enhance our customers' competitiveness through innovative and integrated logistics services of high quality and flexibility.

Marko Pirinen

Marko Pirinen

Managing Director Finland