Road freight in Finland and Europe is flexible and suitable for most types of goods, like with groupage, part loads, full loads, trucking and nationwide distribution. We offer both direct routes and reloading at one of our strategically located terminals. 

We have distribution lanes throughout Scandinavia, Norway especially. Our freight forwarders in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, the Baltics, Italy, and Turkey contribute with solid local knowledge and presence.

We also have weekly lanes to and from Europe, especially Germany, Austria, and Poland with favourable transit times. 

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Marko Pirinen

Marko Pirinen

Managing Director Finland

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  • groupage

  • part loads

  • transportation of dangerous goods

  • oversized cargo

  • temperature, refrigerated transport

ColliCare provides high quality road transport services. We have our own forwarding units in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Finland, Italy, Turkey and the Baltic countries. An extensive partner network guarantees ColliCare's operations throughout Europe.

We can serve you with distribution services in all Nordic countries and Europe as well.