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Logistics conference 2022 in Singapore

ColliCare is one of the prouded sponsors of this years Annual conference from Millennium Logistics Network

Staff from ColliCare Turkey, Denmark, Norway, and Finland are attending the Millennium Logistics Network annual conference in Singapore fra 21st til 24th of November 2022. 

Millennium Logistics Network

A Network that is giving its best attempt to bring Freight forwarders in a family who are strong and potent enough to serve the needs of other forwarders. 

We understand that in today’s world everything is changing rapidly where many freight forwarders are coming into the market and with a sad demise few are ending up coping with today’s world challenges.

Millennium Logistics Network(MLN) & Centennial Logistics Network  (CLN)

This is the most exciting event of the year! It is about coming together and making new friends giving you a chance to meet amazing people across the globe. 
We are expecting more than 300+ attendees for this Joint Annual Conference 2022.

Here you can find more information