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French farmers blocking roads

Farmers in France are escalating their protests against regulation and increased costs in the agricultural sector. Until now, roads in France have been blocked by the actions. Now actions are also taken at the borders to countries such as Belgium and the Netherlands.

All transport throughout this area is now greatly affected. We are rerouting all our transport that is affected. But this means that the sections are longer than calculated concerning transit time. In some cases, sea transport can also be affected, as the roads to the ports are blocked or have heavy traffic causing delays.

The powerful farmers' association FNSEA is protesting, and they inform that they will continue until the government responds to their demands.

Thursday we were informed that the association FNSEA has urged the farmers to withdraw. The government has promised to fulfil their demands.

We have not yet seen the results of this request, and there are still major traffic challenges in France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

We will keep you updated if there are any changes in this matter.

Camilla Skjervold

Camilla Skjervold

CMO - Chief Marketing Officer