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ColliCare Projects & Logistics opens terminal

ColliCare Projects & Logistics opened a new industrial terminal for sea and road transport at Sunndalsøra two weeks before Christmas. They will operate the terminal together with the Ottem group.

The facility has two large loading and unloading halls with a total of 4,000 square meters and an associated outdoor area.

The entire area is connected to the large RoRo loading ramp for Seacargo and Hydro, making it easy to drive cargo in and out of ships sailing to the continent.

I just want to say Congratulations! That's what mayor Ståle Refstie said when he presided over the official cord-cutting on Friday.

Terminal åpnes av ordfører i Sunndalsøra

A big happening in Sunndalsøra

A wide range of businesses was invited to the opening of the terminal, which will probably be of great importance, not only for Sunndalsøra but for the whole of Indre Nordmøre. The facility makes it easier to get goods in and out by sea transport, but is also important for the storage of anodes, as well as securing loads of aluminium before transport by road.

A smart partnership

The operating company of the terminal is Ottem ColliCare Terminal (OC Terminal AS) with Torstein Ottem as general manager and Georg Skivik Moltu as chairman.

50% of the operating company for the terminal is owned by T Ottem Transport AS, while the other 50% is owned by ColliCare Projects & Logistics AS. The latter is part of the ColliCare group, a Norwegian logistics group with branches in 13 countries, and operations all over the world.

Many benefits

Ottem will use the terminal as much as possible. For us, this is both about the green shift and the economy. Today, approximately one heavy transport run by Ottem leaves the country daily. If we manage to shift seven means of transport from road to sea, we hope it will provide both an environmental and financial benefit for everybody involved, says Ottem.

Great prospects for smart and green solutions

Georg Moltu is the general manager of ColliCare Projects and Logistics and has great faith in the new facility. For Sunndalsøra, the terminal helps to get goods in and out, both by sea and road.  ColliCare has agreements with Hydro, and those loads will be securely fastened here for further transport. This will be a good and improved loading and unloading area for what goes into and out of the aluminium factory.

Terminal i Sunndalsøra



Georg Skivik Moltu

Georg Skivik Moltu

Managing Director Projects & Special