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ColliCare 15th Anniversary

This weekend ColliCare Logistics celebrated its 15th Anniversary and held a big party in Sopot, Poland. All staff was invited, and luckily staff from 11 of 13 country departments participated.
We applaud our employees for making a huge growth and development possible as well as creating great logistic solutions for our customers.

ColliCare is an innovative provider of logistics services within road, sea-, rail- and air freight, 3PL, storage, and eCommerce.

ColliCare started up in 2007 as a small logistic provider in Moss, Norway - mainly handling transport to and from the Netherlands. Today you can find ColliCare in 13 countries, and we promise you there are more to come!

Our employees are our most important strength. With expertise in all parts of the logistics chain, we are masters at finding smart solutions for customers.

Again, a big thanks to all our employees for what we are achieving together!