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Do you need air freight?

Most cargo can be sent by air – large, small, heavy and lightweight. Air and express services is the fastest growing transport segment, as other types of transport often is too slow in todays fast moving market.

We can assist you with General Cargo, Priority Cargo, Courier, Hand Courier and Charter Courier to and from Norway, as well as third party shipments.

In order to meet your needs, we can offer various solutions for your freight request.
  • A global network for all types of shipments
  • Multimodal transport for air and sea
  • Short transit times and a high quality level of deliveries
  • We can assist you in choosing the service that is right for your needs  


  • When it is really urgent!
  • First possible departure
  • Direct service from one airport to the next
  • We always choose the shortest and fastest route


  • When price matters!
  • Consolidated shipments
  • We can collect the shipment where you wish, and load it together with other groupage

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Marko Pirinen
Managing Director Finland
Juha Virolainen
Operations Air, Sea & Road

Volume calculation of air freight

1cbm = 167 kg

E.g. If you have a shipment with a length of 120 cm, width of 80 cm and height of 150 cm, the freight calculation weight is: 1.20x0.80x1.50  x 167 =  241 kg. If the shipment has an actual weight of 350 kg, the highest weight will be calculated, in this case 350 kg.

Cross docking Europe/Asia
Cross docking Europe/Asia
With Cross-Docking from ColliCare you save money while reducing your company’s environmental footprint. Read more about Cross-Docking here.
Your co-worker in Asia
Your co-worker in Asia
ColliCare can be “your partner” and ensure quality assurance of production, deliveries and transport.
Far East
Far East
Benefit from Asian markets through our expertise! Our local staff with expertise in logistics are familiar with the markets and speaks the local languages.